Breaking News: The long wait for .AFRICA is over. Welcome dotAfrica! http://nic.africa More details to follow soon.

cozacares FOUNDATION - Enabling ICT in Education

CoZa Cares is a Corporate Social Investment programme promoting the use of Information Technology (IT) in South African schools. UniForum SA, the co.za domain administrator, is the founding funder of the programme. The core focus of CoZa Cares is the field of education. We target schools in under-resourced communities where education, training and digital literacy development are critical for the sustainability of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment. We aim to install world-class computer environments in our schools. CoZa Cares employs the services of NetDay Association as a technology partner, Edunova as our preferred leadership-training partner, and ISPA as a teacher-training co-funder.


CONTACT: Coza Cares Coordinator, Fiona Wallace


For more information visit: http://www.cozacares.co.za



Foundation for Internet Development

The Foundation for Internet Development was formed by UniForum SA, ISPA, WAPA and ISOC-ZA to provide a mechanism for ICT industry players that want to make a meaningful contribution in terms of Enterprise Development, but do not have the capacity, nor the platform to do so themselves. The purpose of the initiative is to consolidate the Enterprise Development efforts of the ICT industry.


CONTACT: Managing Director, Octavia Kumalo


For more information visit: http://idev.org.za

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask your Registrar or ISP about .africa domain registrations. You may wish to participate in Sunrise if you have any rights to the name.

Although the ZACR has signed the Registry Agreement for the operation of the .Africa TLD, the launch is delayed because of an IRP process between ICANN and another applicant for the .Africa TLD. 

Read all about the IRP process and the latest updates here.

The .africa TLD will be launched in two phases, namely:

  • Sunrise and Landrush. For the Sunrise phase, trademark & brand names will be the priority. Landrush applications are usually for premium or sought-after domain names.
  • General Availability: This is the general open registration and continuous operations phase.

If you are a trademark holder ICANN prescribes a process, which we as the Registry Operator need to follow to ensure that genuine trademarks are protected and sold to the valid entity. The trademark holder will need to register their trademarks with the ICANN Trademark Clearing House or the Mark Validation System.

A .africa domain name will cost about $18 per annum.

This annual fee excludes the fees that registrars will charge the end users, and differs from the pricing for Sunrise, Landrush and Premium names. A full pricing schedule will be made available closer to the launch of .africa

There are various protection mechanisms and policies, which the Registry Operator needs to adhere to and we are also bound by ICANN to make these policies part of our operations.

The various policies include:

  • Rights Protection Policies
  • Dispute Resolutions
  • Sunrise Policy
  • Landrush Policies, etc

See the Policy menu item above for more information.

Pre-registration .africa domain names will not be possible. Any application submitted during the dotAfrica Sunrise phase must have a corresponding validation token (SMD) in order to obtain the highest possible priority allocation.

If an applicant wants to secure the best possible claim to a domain name application during the launch, it must be associated with a pre-validated trade mark in either the TMCH or MVS. Without this a claim to the corresponding domain name is relegated to lesser priority status. The official way in which you can best secure your rights to a name in the new .africa namespace would be through the pre-validation of a registered mark.

See the MVS at www.markvalidation.com for more information.

For more detailed information on the launch program with the anticipated timelines, click here. If you have any rights to the .africa domain/s name you want, you should apply during Sunrise.

dotAfrica is the new Top Level Domain (TLD) for the African continent: It is an African initiative created by Africans for Africans and the worldwide audience of companies, organisations and individuals interested in, associated with and connected with the African community and markets.

The dotAfrica initiative is fully endorsed by the African Union (AU) and has widespread support across the continent - from African governments, the business sector, civil society and the technical community. dotAfrica is led by a multi-stakeholder Steering Committee from across the continent.

Benefits of a dotAfrica TLD

  • Identify with the continent.
  • Showcase your brand and commitment to Africa's growth and development.
  • Expand your footprint and influence in the region.
  • Establish a home for Africa-specific services, products and information.
  • Acquire valuable online reale-state in a fast-growing high potential market.
  • Secure and protect your Intellectual Proerty Rights (IP).
  • Participate in Africa's online renaissance.