Latest update: dotAfrica Launch Plan approved, Sunrise Phase commences on 4 April, 2017

Orange Kenya gets free Wikipedia access

Kenyan mobile service provider Orange revealed that users on its network will be granted free access to online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, after it successfully signed a deal with the owners of the site, Wikimedia.

Top Ten largest telecoms companies in Africa

Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing industries on the continent, with many companies looking to either enter or expand on African soil. IT News Africa compiled a list of the ten biggest telecommunications companies based on turnover at the end of 2011, and found that three of the companies profiled are based in South Africa.

Nigeria leads in African Internet speeds

According to the latest State of the Internet report by Akamai Technologies Global Internet Platform, Nigeria has overtaken South Africa in terms of Internet speed – less than eleven years after reforming its communications networks and market. In the report it is revealed that Nigeria has an average connection speed of 322kbps with a peak rate of 5674kbps. But while South Africa’s average speed is faster at 496kbps, the country’s peak speed is only half that of Nigeria, at 2172kbps.

Pourquoi cette Conférence de presse?

. Africa, l’espace de nommage de confiance pour toute l’Afrique. Apres le .com, le .org, le .net et le .cm, l’Afrique aura bientôt son propre Nom de Domaine. Pour surfer sur Internet ou envoyer un e-mail, vous utilisez le nom de domaine (www.africainonespace.org ou koffi@africanregistry.net). Les noms de domaine de premier niveau sont constitués en deux grands groupes qui sont les gTLDs (.com, .net, .org) ouverts à tous et les ccTLDs (.cm, .za, .fr, .uk) réservés aux pays. L’espace de nommage de premier niveau a été très encadré dans ces débuts et ne permettait pas beaucoup de possibilités et choix à l’Internaute. Face à cela et conformément à sa mission fondatrice qui est celle de créer la compétitivité et la diversité dans l’espace de nommage Internet, l’ICANN, l’organisme International en charge de la gestion des noms de domaine et des adresses Internet (IP) a pris en juin 2011 lors son meeting de Singapour de libéraliser totalement l’espace de nommage en lançant le programme baptisé « Nouveaux gTLDs ».

4 inspiring tablets from Africa for Africa

With mobile and internet access increasing dramatically over the past decade, most prominently in Africa and other emerging markets, it is without a doubt an after effect of engineers and entrepreneurs to adapt to their potential markets. The digital divide that exists in developing countries, together with weak educational systems, is what the future of these countries rests on. In recent years though initiatives focusing on producing cheap tablet computers and providing learning platforms have been risen up with at least four such interesting and inspiring releases in Africa.

Update : ICANN Webinar on new gTLD initial evaluation

Last week, ICANN held its first webinar for new Top-Level Domain (TLD) applicants to address any issues or concerns applicants might have about the start of the Initial Evaluation process. Kurt Pritz, ICANN’s Senior Vice President of Stakeholder Relations, presented the webinar and provided some valuable insights that were previously unknown.

Le dotAfrica (.africa), une intégration

La connexion de l’ensemble des ordinateurs du monde entier constitue l’internet. Cela est possible à l’aide  de leurs différentes adresses IP (Internet Protocol/ Protocole Internet) qui sont composées seulement de chiffres. Cette communication ne sera pas laborieuse pour les machines, contrairement à nous utilisateurs. Ainsi pour nous faciliter l’usage, le système de noms de domaines ou DNS (Domain Name System) a été conçu pour permettre aux différents ordinateurs de s’identifier et de communiquer entre eux.

Après le .com, le .org et le .sn, le .africa bientôt disponible

Lorsque vous utilisez le Web ou envoyez un message e-mail, vous utilisez un nom de domaine pour le faire .Les noms de domaine tels que le .com, le .org et noms de domaine liés à des pays  comme le .sn ou le .fr sont font désormais partie de l’environnement et du décor de l’internet. Lors de son sommet de juin  de 2011 à Singapour, l’ Icann avait pris la décision de lancer de nouveaux noms de domaine. Des continents comme l’Europe ont ainsi le .eu. De ce constat est née l’initiative de lancer le .africa.

. Africa, l’espace de nommage de confiance pour toute l’Afrique

Apres le .com, le .org, le .net et le .cm, l’Afrique aura bientôt son propre Nom de Domaine. Les noms de domaine de premier niveau sont constitués en deux grands groupes qui sont les gTLDs (.com, .net, .org) ouverts à tous et les ccTLDs (.cm, .za, .fr, .uk) réservés aux pays. L’espace de nommage de premier niveau a été très encadré dans ces débuts et ne permettait pas beaucoup de possibilités et choix à l’Internaute.

Country Focus: Zimbabwe

In a recent online interview conducted with IT News Africa, Zimbabwe’s MDC Minister of Communications and Technology, Nelson Chamisa, confirmed that the process of stabilising Zimbabwe’s political and economic landscape is in place and progressing.

Internet Society’s African Peering and Interconnection Forum Provides Opportunities for Regional Internet Growth

[Washington, D.C. and Geneva, Switzerland --13 August 2012] – The third African Peering and Interconnection Forum (AfPIF-3), organized by the Internet Society, will be held 22-24 August 2012 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  A multistakeholder forum, AfPIF aims to foster national and cross-border interconnection opportunities where key stakeholders, including infrastructure and service providers, Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), regulators, and policy makers can share experiences, hear from experts, and advance peering and interconnection arrangements.

Kenya becomes the first African beneficiary of IBM research lab

Nairobi, Kenya – The government today announced the opening of the first IBM research lab in Kenya. This makes Nairobi the premier location for IBM research in the African continent. The lab, a collaboration between Kenya and IBM East Africa, will see the partners each contribute $10 million dollars (Ksh830 million), over a period of five years.

A New Approach to Africa

With the support of AFRINIC, Africa's Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources, ICANN and leading members of its community are today announcing an initiative aimed at increasing African participation and influence within ICANN.

3G, data and smartphones fuel MTN Nigeria’s growth

The Leadership reports that MTN Nigeria has announced a 3.7% growth in its subscriber base in the first year ended June 30. The telecommunications company said its subscriber base now stands at 43, 184 million. MTN Nigeria reportedly contributes 24,43% to the MTN Group’s overall subscriber base in the 21 countries where it operates.

l’extension .africa disponible en 2013

Ouestafnews - L’univers numérique africain disposera de sa propre extension de nom de domaine à travers le .africa (lire « dot africa » ou « point africa ») qui sera opérationnel dès le premier trimestre 2013, a indiqué Koffi Fabrice Djossou, délégué pour l’Afrique de UniForum, l’entreprise sud africaine sélectionnée par l’Union africaine pour l’exécution du projet.

ITU signs deal to build 180 base stations in Africa to expand broadband access

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has signed a deal with Nexpedience, one of the world’s leading suppliers of broadband infrastructure, to provide 180 new base stations worth $1 million for six countries in Africa, a statement from the UN agency said August 2, 2012.

.africa domains to open door to online expansion

The launch of .africa represents a golden opportunity for Africa to exponentially increase its presence on the web, and by extention, its influence in the world. In one fell swoop, we could radically improve Africa's fortunes in both the real and the tangible world.

Opera report: massive growth in African mobile internet usage

This month’s State of the Mobile Web from browser company Opera provides a fascinating insight into the rapid uptake of internet in Africa.

Pierre Ouedraogo, Technical Leader from Africa, Receives 2012 Jonathan B. Postel Service Award

The Internet Society today announced that its prestigious Jonathan B. Postel Service Award was presented to Pierre Ouedraogo for his exceptional contributions to the growth and vitality of the Internet in Africa.

Opportunity for Community Input: Processing of New gTLD Applications

At the Prague ICANN meeting, the new gTLD Program Committee decided to terminate Digital Archery, and instructed ICANN staff to proceed with the initial evaluation of applications as quickly as possible. This evaluation is in progress based on a tentative project plan that foresees the processing of applications in a single batch, and simultaneous release of results. ICANN believes this approach is consistent with the constraints that various parts of the community have in performing their respective roles in the evaluation process, and with the feedback received from the community at the Prague meeting.