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This section outlines the basic principles of the Government Reserved Name List as well as the tools that are made available by the DotAfrica Registry in order to navigate the Government Reserved Name List.


(Click here for policy outline on Principles)

The Governmental Reserved Name List is structured on the following principles:

  1. Governments may reserve words that they believe are of value to their region. Further to this, governments must also reserve words that they identify as being offensive in their native culture. 

  2. The purpose of reserving a word is not to remove it from the DotAfrica domain name space, but rather to provide governments with a pre-emptive opportunity to obtain the names and make use of them at a later stage.

  3. All submissions for reserved names are reviewed by the Moderator. In the event that more than one government applies to reserve the same word, the Moderator will approach an AUC Review Panel for final moderation and decision making.

  4. Governments may only reserve a set number of words. For this purpose, governments must identify the highest priority names that they need to reserve.

  5. Each government must appoint a single point of contact for reserving names. This contact is known as the Representative. Representatives will use the Reserved Name List Portal and the functionality provided there to apply for the reservation of names.

  6. The Governmental Reserved Name List is not intended for the reservation of trade marks or premium generic/commercial names. This means that governments should not attempt to reserve words such as "travel" or "hotel" as they cannot prove/motivate any legitimate rights to the name.

Available Tools

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The Administrator of the DotAfrica Government Reserved Name List has set up a Reserved Name List Portal. The Portal is where you are right now. The purpose of this portal is to:

  • Facilitate the registration of Governmental Authority representatives
  • Facilitate the reservation of names into the RNL
  • Facilitate the Objection Process for listed reserved names
  • Provide a public place for the identification of Representatives and Reserved Names
  • Provide guidelines, processes and policies for the RNL
  • Act as a knowledgebase for all things RNL related
  • Act as the point of communication between Representatives, the Administrator and the Moderator

Representatives, Governments and any individual wanting more information on the RNL may use this portal to obtain the information.