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This section provides information relating to Government Representatives, how to create and update a Representative Account, as well as the functions of the Representative.

Representative Overview

(Click here for policy reference on Representatives)

Representatives are individuals that have been nominated by a government to handle the administration of reserved names on behalf of their government. This means that the Representativs are  single contact points that manages the capturing and reservation of names provided to them by their governments or citizens. Governments may only have one (1) Representative at any point in time, and may change their Respresentative through a review process.

A list of all Representatives will be made available on the RNL Portal. The purpose of this is to correctly identify a government's Representative as well as provide contact details for citizens and parties to contact the correct Represetative.

How to Register as a Representative

(Click here for policy reference on Registering to be a Representative)

The DotAfrica Registry has sent out Letters of Introduction outlining the need for a single Representative from each government to be nominated. Representatives that have been nominated by governments have been provided with a Letter of Registration from the DotAfrica Registry regarding how and where to proceed in order to create their Representative Account.

Representatives must follow the instructions outlined in the Letter of Registration. Representatives will be required to provide the following information for registration:

  • Title: One of Mr, Ms, Mrs, Hon, Dr
  • First Names: The Representative's first name(s)
  • Last Name: The Representative's last name
  • Contact Email Address: The email address at which anyone may contact the Representative to provide domain names for reservation
  • Government Authority of the Representative: The country or organisation that the Representative was nominated by
  • Office/Designation: The position the Representative holds in their respective institution
  • Motivation: Additional motivation as to why the Representative must be provisioned an account. This is optional
  • Supporting Documentation: Letter of Appointment as the Representative and any other documents such as identity documents

The representative will have to acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Reserved Name Portal prior to the submission of their application. This may be performed automatically online during the registration process.

Once submitted, the application will be reviewed by the Moderator for accuracy. The result of an application will be communicated with the Representative via their provided email address. All successful applications will be provided with temporary Login Credentials to access the Reserved Name List Portal and begin the submission of names.

How to Update Representative Information

(Click here for policy reference on Updating Representative Information)

Representatives can update their information through the Reserved Name List Portal. Only certain fields will be allowed to be updated. All updates to the Representative information will have to be approved by the Moderator. This does not mean that a Representative Account will be suspended during the review process. Representatives may continue to reserve names while the Moderator is reviewing changes to the account.

In the event that a government has decided to change their listed Representative, an up update must be performed and all fields must be changed. The Moderator will then suspend the account and review all the information provided. A new Letter of Appointment will have to be provided as proof. The letter may be uploaded through the Portal. If the review process is successful, the account will be reactivated with the new information and the new Representative will be able to reserve names.

Public Lookup

(Click here for policy reference on Public Lookup of Representatives)

A lookup function is provided in the RNL Portal. The purpose of the lookup is to make certain information about Representatives available to the public, in order for citizens and other parties to contact the correct Representatives to submit names for reservation. The RNL Portal willl make the following information available ot the public:

  • Title
  • Last Name
  • Contact Email Address
  • Government Authority

A full list of Representatives will be made available through the RNL Portal, providing the most recently approved Representative information.

Representatives making use of the Lookup will have the following capabilities available to them:

  • Search by Governmental Authority
  • Search by First Name
  • Search by Last Name
  • Search by Contact Email Adddress
  • View Office/Designation of other Representatives
  • View Motivation provided for Representatives
  • View Supporting Documentation for Representatives
  • View Reservations Approved for other Governments