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Google Calls On East Africa To Reduce Web Costs

International Internet giant Google is urging East African countries to reduce the costs of Internet services in the region in order to promote more local content. Google has urged East African countries to reduce Internet costs. Google’s Field Access Director Kai Wulff said in Uganda that the region 'receives unlimited capacity and yet a very small portion of it is being used.'

Vodacom Officially Launches LTE In SA

During MyBroadband’s annual conference, Vodacom CEO Shameel  Jousub surprised delegates by announcing that the mobile service provider has officially launched Long-Term Evolution (LTE) in South Africa.

10 things you didn’t know about Africa

1. Africa is booming
2. Africa is poised to have the largest labour force in the world
3. African workers are better educated than ever before
4. Steady work is still hard to find in Africa
5. With a few reforms, massive job growth is within Africa's reach
6. Africa can become the world's bread basket
7. It's often cheaper for Africans to buy goods made in China than those made at home
8. Nigeria's four largest cities still have only six shopping malls
9. Africa needs more than petrodollars
10. The future for Africa looks bright - but there's still a lot of work to be done

Submarine Connectivity A Boon For Tanzania

Tanzania hopes that a new submarine cable, that began running in 2009, will continue to help boost the country’s telecom connectivity and increase potential for investment. An new submarine cable is helping to strengthen Tanzania's ICT profile. As a result of the underwater cable, costs with the ICT sector have been gradually reduced over the past three years. As a result, penetration has also begun to be increased in the East African country.

Fibre Helps E-Government Connect Rural Ghana

Ghana’s push for e-government in the country’s rural areas will receive a boost after Alcatel-Lucent and NITA, with the Ghana ministry of communications, agreed to expand links between government offices in the country. Alcatel-Lucent has partnered with Ghana's National Information Technology Agency and authorities to push e-government in the country’s rural areas. The goal is to develop local IT services and boost transparency as well as efficiency of government operations outside the capital, Accra.

Corporate SA Wakes Up To Social Media

Large corporate brands in South Africa have woken up to social media, following in the footsteps of their customers. The South African Social Media Landscape 2012 study, released today by technology market researchers World Wide Worx and information analysts Fuseware, reveals that 95% of major corporations surveyed have some form of social media strategy aimed at consumers.

What Is A New gTLD And Why You Should Care: A gTLD Primer For Brand Owners

Perhaps hoping it would never come to pass, you are likely one of many who is not yet conversant regarding ICANN’s new generic top level domains (“gTLDs”). A recent survey by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services discovered that even most trademark attorneys do not have a true understanding of this recent expansion of the Internet.  Sixty-four percent (yes, 64 percent!) of the trademark attorneys surveyed had never read ICANN’s gTLD Applicant Guidebook, which details ICANN’s rules and procedures for applying for a new gTLD and raising objections to others’ applications.

Africa’s Top Ten Countries With Fastest Internet Speeds

Africa has always been viewed as a continent that isn’t very connected in terms of internet speeds and the number of users – compared to other countries in the world. Research done by Net Index has reaffirmed this belief, and while Africa has some pretty impressive average internet speeds, the continent’s top country only managed to rank 77th on their list of 174 countries from around the world.

Global Internet firm to set up hub in East Africa

A European Internet infrastructure provider is planning to set up a network hub in East Africa in a move that may increase browsing speeds while lowering costs. In a press statement published on its website on Monday, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange Point (AMS-IX) said that it was in talks with the Telecommunication Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK) to establish a local internet exchange presence. An Internet Exchange Point (IXP) is a platform that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as well as content providers to connect and exchange traffic. AMS-IX is one of the largest content providers in the world.

SA’s Sasol Solar Challenge gets underway

Sasol’s annual Solar Challenge got underway in Pretoria today, with teams from across the globe competing in a race around the country. The race, which makes use of solar-powered engines and various other ways of efficiently driving cars, aims to promote the use of solar energy as a sustainable means of transportation.

Africa’s best tech minds to meet at Indaba

Three years on, in every way that counts, Tech4Africa continues to be the premier mobile, web and emerging technology event, and this year’s conference promises to be no exception, congregating some of the best minds in ICT today and bringing a greater than ever breadth and depth of tech talks. Tech4Africa 2012 will be held on Wednesday 31st October and Thursday 1st November at The Indaba Hotel, Gauteng, and the theme is “Unlocking the next billion consumers”.

SEACOM, first pan-African reseller of Amsterdam Internet Exchange

SEACOM, a pan-African ICT enabler, plans to expand its European connectivity to Amsterdam and will be the latest partner to join the AMS-IX reselling program. Joining the program gives SEACOM the opportunity to make connectivity to the AMS-IX platform more easily available for African Internet companies. Peering and IP interconnection between African and European networks will be greatly enhanced moving forward.

ICANN Africa Strategy Working Group

During the ICANN Prague meeting an ICANN Africa Strategy working group (ASWG) was set up to develop a framework for ICANN's Africa strategy . The strategy will aim to support a stronger presence for ICANN in Africa and to increase African participation in ICANN as well as promote the multi-stakeholder model. This effort forms part of ICANN's  global strategy with a special focus on developing countries. The group has now posted working documents for comments and contributions. Please visit and share your views.

Dot Africa ( .africa) Project; Much Awaited African Dream

Khartoum -  The activities of the African Information Technology and Telecommunications Ministers carried on for the second day in a row on the experts' level in closed sessions that discussed a number of papers including on the internet and the African electronic network. The participants in these sessions also discussed the feasibility of establishing an African space agency and a mechanism for coordinating the programs of the information technology and telecommunications sectors. A proposal was also circulated during these sessions to establish a periodic African Union forum on information technology and telecommunications.

Le Talk - Koffi Fabrice DJOSSOU - Bénin

30/08/2012 - Délégué Afrique de l’Uni Form - Bénin

Le Talk - Koffi Fabrice DJOSSOU - Bénin

Is this the Holy Grail of malaria cures?

Researchers at UCT are optimistic they have found a drug that can cure all strains of malaria with a single oral dose. Some scientists have called the breakthrough drug discovery a gift to Africa, where malaria kills a million people every year.

Pandor described the discovery as a “significant victory” in the battle to alleviate the burden of diseases in Africa. “I am excited by the role that our excellent scientists have played in finding a potential single-dose cure for malaria,” Pandor said. “This is evidence both of top science undertaken in South Africa and also the power of continental and international scientific collaboration in addressing the societal challenges of our time.” Pandor said while SA had built considerable strength in clinical research and had the necessary skills to do groundbreaking research, collaborative partnerships between African researchers were crucial in the quest for African solutions for Africa.

10 dollars pour acquérir le dotAfrica à partir de 2013

Le projet dotAfrica (ou point africa) veut valoriser la présence africaine sur Internet. Dès le début de l’année 2013, les Africains pourront enregistrer leur site web à partir du nom de domaine .africa, afin de marquer leur identité africaine sur la toile. A peu près comme le .eu en Europe.

Africa will be ready for the SKA project

The recent awarding of part of the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) Project to South Africa is a boon for Africa and while the project will take a couple of years before it actually comes into effect, it is expected to create a lot of exciting opportunities for the continent. During Gartner’s annual Symposium and ITxp 2012, Dr Jasper Horrell, the General Manager of Science Computing for the SKA project said that the project is good for Africa because it emphasises Africa as a natural destination for world-leading science, and brings Africa together as a global enterprise. One of the reasons why South Africa bid for the SKA project was to establish and sustain itself as a world-class site for radio astronomy.

Policy changes looming for co.za

UniForum SA, trading as, the ZA Central Registry (ZACR) manages and administers the .co.za domain name space. Over the past two years the ZACR has taken steps to align its domain name registry operating system to international standards by implementing a registration system that is based on the Extensible Provision Protocol (EPP). It has become imperative to introduce competitive pricing models as well as changes within the current EPP and legacy operating systems to improve the functionality of the systems and consequently create a robust domain name industry in South Africa.

Africa embroiled in dot com frenzy

Just when we thought it was safe to surf! There are hunters on the way and they are eager to capture their prey: Africa’s online domains (generic Top Level domains) are the target and dot Africa (.Africa) Top Level Domain (TLD), specifically, the coveted prize. This is because it is widely accepted that control over . Africa would expose the online community, particularly businesses, to numerous benefits – not least of which is the opportunity to use this resource as a springboard for African businesses to become globally competitive.