Latest update: Apply for your .africa domain name during General Availability with these Domain Registrars (Open to anyone)

Africa is a rapidly developing economically active market with over 1 billion potential users. It is thus essential for brand owners seeking to entrench or expand their presence on the continent to take advantage of each new channel available to communicate and engage with this market.

Brand owners should extend their presence into the dotAfrica gTLD as early as possible to ensure that they secure their brand as a domain name and protect against possible speculative registrations. Added benefits include affiliating brand identity with the African Continent and showing a preference for Africa specific services, products and content; showcasing commitment to Africa’s growth and development; expanding the brand’s footprint and influence in the region; and obtaining a competitive brand edge.

Registry Africa has established a mechanism to allow brand owners to register domain names corresponding to their pre-existing rights BEFORE dotAfrica is opened for general registrations (known as the “General Availability” or “Open Phase”).

Brand owners (or their legal representatives) will also be able to keep track of dotAfrica domain names that could potentially conflict with their dotAfrica domain name, or with their existing registered trade marks as the case may be.

Click here for the full version and feel free to distribute the pdf to anyone who may be interested.

About The Author: The ZA Central Registry (NPC)

The ZA Central Registry, is the Registry Operator for the CO.ZA Internet Domain Name Space. The ZACR was established as a non-profit organisation in 1988 by a group of end users, developers, and vendors who cooperated to form a professional association that would promote and exchange information on open systems. It was assigned the responsibility of administering the CO.ZA domain name space in 1995 because it was seen as not only having the technical skills and resources to do so, but also committed to neutrality and unity of purpose. At startup the co.za zone contained in the region of 400 entries. Today, with over 900 000 domains, amounting to over 95 % of the total registrations in the .ZA ccTLD, co.za ranks as a medium to large zone and within the top 30 registries world-wide in terms of size.

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